Report Types Generated on Demand by the STS Database


Catch, sorted by county and quad

QC checks - date, location and result of QC inspections
Project-wide summary of all trapping activity, sorted by state,project and grid.

Locations and dates of placed traps
Locations of omitted sites
Traps placed beyond target circle
Approved placements outside target circle
Unaddressed nodes
Trapping activity stats - number and % placed, omitted, or unaddressed sites by agency
Number and date placements were reported by trapper
Percentage of traps addressed (placed or omitted), by grid
Trapper areas/bid units - number and % addressed, omitted, inspected, pulled sites

No Midseason Check
No Final Visit
Inspection locations
Inspection distance from placement (>150m)
Positive sites
Trapping activity - number and date of inspections reported
Number and % of traps removed from field, by grid

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