Task Description: Hat and T-Shirt Orders

Task: Order and deliver field hats and shirts to all STS trapping agencies.

Rationale: Identification of STS trappers in field.

Time line: February.

Brief Process Description:

    • Poll each agency on quantities and sizes needed
    • Compile order and place with Purchasing, through HokieMart
    • Check completed order for correctness
    • Sort and ship to each agency


Agency Poll:

  • In early February, email each agency contact and request number and size of t-shirts and hats they will need for upcoming season. Include a response date.
  • Remember non-trapping agencies - Mike Quesinberry and Donna Leonard.
  • Some agencies may not yet know who will be hired. Get a guess.
  • Agency may opt out of hats or duplicate shirts. However, initially plan on two shirts and one hat per trapper and trapper supervisor.

Note: See list of contacts below

Order :

  • Determine if there needs to be a change in the design or style and work with vendor to secure cost estimate.
  • Determine if a sole source justification is necessary. When in doubt, consult the fiscal officer (Robin Williams@VT)
  • Place completed order in HokieMart by end of February at latest.

Ship to Agencies:

    • Order should be completed by late March and either shipped to Virginia Tech or picked up from a local vendor.
    • Check correctness of order and call vendor with any discrepancies.
    • Sort each agency's request and ship to them via USPS ground.

For more detailed instructions and examples of past orders, see Shirts & Hats folder in Denise's file cabinet.

Agency contacts:

IN - Phil Marshall
IL - Jim Cavanaugh or Nancy Williams
KY - Carl Harper
MI - John Diddams
MN - Kimberly Thielen-Cremers
NC - Matt Andresen
OH - Brian Burke
VA - Pat Somerville
WI - Chris Whitney
WV - Shawn McCauley
USFS / Asheville - Donna Leonard
USFS / QC Officer - Mike Quesinberry

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