Task Description: Database Backup

Task: Create a copy of the database to be used for recovery.

Rationale: To provide for minimal data loss in case of media failure or user error.

Time line: Continuous

Brief Process Description:

  • Create a backup set that can be used to restore individual database objects and/or data


The trapping database should be backed up daily during the active trapping season. The database is run in archivelog mode which means the online redo logs are copied to the mothsbane directory 'D:oracle\rdbmsarc*.001  ' as they are filled.


The backup has been automated as an Oracle Enterprise Manager job (trapbackup) that runs daily at 3:03 PM.  This is a full online backup of entire database and all archive logs.  The backup is not optimized, so all files are backed up even if they have not changed since the last backup.

The backup script:

run { 

allocate channel Channel1 type disk format 'D:\oracle\ora92\database\trapbackup\b_%u_%p_%c';


   ( database  include current controlfile );

backup  ( archivelog all  not backed up 3 times );


allocate channel for maintenance device type disk;

delete archivelog until time 'sysdate - 7' backed up 3 times to disk;

delete obsolete device type disk;

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