Each agency will submit the following documents to the STS Project (attention QC Officer – USFS-FHP Asheville) by June 2 of the trapping season.

  1. A copy of your training manual that documents the procedures used to insure that project standards are met and protocols are followed.
  2. A copy of your work and safety plan that documents the procedures used to insure a safe work environment.
  3. A list of skills that are necessary for trappers to perform their work, a list of all your trappers, and certification that each trapper has demonstrated the skills necessary to perform their assigned work. Skills may include, but are not limited to, the following: using a compass, reading a map to locate trap sites, accurately reading and recording UTM coordinates, using GPS units, identification of the male gypsy moth, etc.
  4. A summary of the method you plan to use to verify moth identification and check moth capture values in the database against the moth capture values on trapper log sheets.