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2014 Treatment Applicator Files

Lat/Lon NAD83 Shapefiles: Each state/treatment Zipfile will contain an ArcView shapefile (.shp,.shx,.dbf,.prj) in lat/lon NAD83, of which the .shp will be loaded into Satloc or Agnav. E.g., trt_IL_ddn83_md.shp.

See Satloc and Agnav documentation for converting these files into NO1 files (Agnav) or .JOB files (Satloc)
and loading into the software.

Latest Project Wide Treatment Shapefile (NAD83). All Lat/Long NAD83 Shapefiles Current as of 12:00PM, April 15, 2014

Download if you would like to view the treatment blocks in Google Earth: STS Treatment KML Service
**Requires Google Earth - Click to download & install Google Earth

If the service does not open: Right click "STS Treatment KML Service" above and select "Copy Link Location" (in Firefox) or "Copy Shortcut" (in Internet Explorer). In Google Earth select the "Add" menu and then select "Network Link". Set the Name field to "STS Treatment KML Service" and paste the copied link from above into the Link field and click OK.

Download Lat/Lon Nad83 Shapefiles:

State Treatment Type Shapefile KMZ (requires Google Earth)
Illinois Mating Disruption trt_IL_ddn83_md.kmz
non-Mating Disruption trt_IL_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
Indiana Mating Disruption trt_IN_ddn83_md.kmz
non-Mating Disruption trt_IN_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
Iowa Mating Disruption N/A N/A
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A
Kentucky Mating Disruption N/A N/A
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A
Minnesota Mating Disruption trt_MN_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption trt_MN_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
North Carolina Mating Disruption trt_NC_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A
Ohio Mating Disruption trt_OH_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption trt_OH_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
Virginia Mating Disruption trt_VA_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A
West Virginia Mating Disruption N/A N/A
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A
Wisconsin Mating Disruption trt_WI_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption trt_WI_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
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