Changes in Email Notifications

In 2011, the way that the database handles notification emails has changed. There are three main changes to the way that the notifications system works:

  • An email is generated for each CSV file, as opposed to each batch;
  • The email will contain information about any errors generated for the file, which will need to be corrected on the error correction page;
  • Any records in the file which could not be loaded (i.e., if a row contains invalid characters, or a field has an incorrect length) will be attached to the email, and can be corrected and resubmitted.

In general, you will rarely (if ever) need to resubmit an entire file.

Assuming that there were no errors in the submitted file, you will get a simple message indicating that everything loaded:

If you try to submit a file with the same name twice, you will receive a message indicating that this file is a duplicate:

If there were any errors in the submitted file (i.e. duplicates, or inspections loaded before placements), the notification email will contain a list of the errors. In this case, there is no need to resubmit anything; the valid data is already loaded, and any errors can be fixed in the error correction page.

If the file contains records that could not be loaded (because of invalid characters or incorrect field lengths), the notification email will contain an attachment containing the bad records. In this case, simply save the attachment as a CSV file in your queue folder, correct the records in it, and resubmit it with a different name.

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